Knowledge Base

Paul Neuharth is a seasoned attorney with an excellent track record for over 23 years. He is widely known for his work in Criminal Defense and Administrative Law. He has been appreciated and awarded by Legal authorities and bodies that are dedicated to represent and honour the best attorneys in San Diego.

Paul continues his legacy by providing expert material to new attorneys, law students and his colleagues in the Law fraternity itself by way of short and to-the-point videos that cover a lot of areas. These videos are not only helpful to the Law fraternity, but also to the public who would like to know more about the system and what are their options in case they are dealing with the Law.

Anatomy of a DUI case

In this comprehensive video alongside, Paul guides new and existing DUI attorneys in and around San Diego as to how they can approach a DUI case. Paul goes really in-depth in this video and covers all areas associated with a DUI case and it is a part of the excellent Attorney Credits program which allows you to complete your CLE as per your available time schedule and convenience.

Reviews for this video:

  • "Great course, excellent speaker" - David
  • "Really Excellent Program! Extremely knowledgeable Presenter and Very Relevant Information! Thank you!" - Gustavo
  • "Great CE" - Christopher
  • "This was exactly what I needed to get started with DUI cases. Love that it was available online. I feel like, with the assistance of my course notes, I can really handle basic DUI cases." - Kristin
  • "The presenter did a very nice job presenting on a subject that involves some complicated quantitative issues." - Robert (Cooper City, FL)

Administrative Law

In these set of videos, Paul addresses a variety of topics related to Administrative Law like Hearing and Re-examinations, DUI Hearings, Petitions for Administrative Review etc.